HTC Sensation To Launch On June 8th?

When HTC officially announced that their shiny new dual-core 1.2 GHZ Android phone, the Sensation, was heading for T-Mobile, they left out two crucial details: the price, and the launch date.

While the price is still a mystery, the launch date might have just been revealed thanks to a lil’ advertising slip up.

You see, up until just a few minutes ago (at which point HTC presumably went “OH CRAP” and fixed their mistake), typing “HTC Sensation” into Google would show a page of results with the ad shown above on top. Note that bit right in the middle there: “On 6/8”.

Alas, this date is about as concrete as a house made of Jello, so don’t go lining up outside of a T-Mo store on June 7th. As Tmo News suggests, 6/8 may very well be the European launch date, or just a tentative date subject to change.

As for the guy who slipped up and let this ad run with the date: Don’t worry. This ad went up on 4/19. We were distracted playing Portal 2 too.