The Chargepad Is Panasonic's New Wireless Charging Solution For Mobile Chargers

If you’re like me, you don’t leave the house without a mobile charger in case the cell phone battery goes dry. And that’s exactly the target group for the so-called Chargepad Panasonic announced [JP] today: it’s essentially a device that charges mobile chargers wirelessly (also compare this to Hitachi’s approach by which you charge gadgets, in that case the iPhone, directly).

Along with the Qi-certified Chargepad itself, Panasonic also introduced compatible mobile chargers in two different sizes today (see below, the QE-CV201 is a case): the 5,400mAh model (QE-PL201-W) will be priced at $67, while the QE-PL101-W with 2,700mAh will cost $49.

In Japan, Panasonic will start selling both models and the Chargepad itself on June 24 (no word yet regarding a possible international release). The Chargepad itself will cost $61.