Personyze Allows Website Owners To Scale Personalization For Visitors

Israeli startup Personyze is launching its website personalization, segmentation, and analytics platform today. Personyze provides businesses the ability to turn their website into a more personalized site that puts the visitor in the center.

The idea behind Personyze is that website owners can quickly and easy ramp up personalization to their visitors. Personyze’s SaaS allows owners to return content in real-time based on each visitor’s past site activity, online search history, Facebook preferences, location, etc., Personyze can give web marketers the ability to personalize the whole site rather than just the ads and banners or landing pages.

After a visitor gives permission, Personyze’s Facebook integration allows users to publish messages on visitors’ walls, so website owners can post promotions and offers to visitors. Other features include offline tracking to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, email personalization, custom event tracking and AdWords integration.

For example, if a visitor arrives at a website after searching “discount toys,” with Personyze you can redirect the visitor to the “Toys on Sale” page and sort the product display by lowest to highest price. Or you could display a banner that offers customers a 10% discount if they buy that day. And Personyze allows you to send a follow-up email advertising a special promotion on toys for a set number of days, if they did not buy something on their first visit.

Of course, for Personyze to truly work, the visitor has to opt-in to this experience. Many visitors may not want to hand over their information, or allow website owners to track their activity.