Report: Apple To Use Sharp's Next-Gen p-Si LCD Panels In The iPhone 6

Time for your daily dose of iPhone rumors. This one comes by way of AppleInsider who picked up a story published by the Japanese newspaper Nikkan that states Sharp will manufacturer the screens for the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 name is important to note as it is not the so-called iPhone 4S rumored for sometime this year, but rather the true next-gen iPhone.

This display technology allows for thinner devices and longer battery lives thanks to its ability to mount the display drivers directly onto the glass substrate rather then featuring separate components. The system is also more energy efficient than current methods, which when that efficiency is combined with a thinner display, leaves Apple engineers more room for an even larger battery that will last extra long. Of course these sorts of trade arrangements aren’t publicly disclosed so there’s no way of confirming this report until Apple announces it themselves (that won’t happen) or the iPhone 6 drops.