Review: SumoBags Titan Beanbag Couch

When SumoBags approached me about writing about one of their beanbag chairs, I figured that since we write about games and gamers like beanbag chairs that it might be a good match. Little did I know that the Sumo Titan is one of the biggest freaking beanbag chairs I’ve ever seen. It is, in fact, so massive that I’d consider it a couch. It also gets bigger over time, thereby proving theories about the danger of nanotechnology and the so-called “grey goo.”

We reviewed a smaller beanbag chair last year, finding it to be comfortable and handsome. This chair, barring its absolute enormity, is also comfortable and I was able to sleep on, slightly curled into a fetal position but in relative ease for at least an hour one lazy weekend afternoon – and I’m not a small guy.

The chair is a full 70” x 49” x 36” and ships in a box about half the size of that. In fact, when you remove the chair from the box it grows enormously. I opened it on the first floor and by the time I tried to drag it upstairs it was too big to fit through most of our doors.

Obviously a giant bean bag couch isn’t for everyone. You can probably fit two people on here on a good day and three people on here with a bit of snuggling. As I said before, you can also potentially sleep on it but I’m not sure how it would handle an overnight stay. However, there is also another caveat: the price. At $379.99 this thing is far more expensive than you think it would be and, what’s more, it may scare off potential buyers. But, to be clear, this thing is ginormous even if you base your couch buying decisions on value per cubic foot, this is probably a winner.

So barring the size and the price, if you’re looking for furniture with no sharp edges, this is pretty much the couch for you. Otherwise, you might want to stick with something smaller and or less massive.

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