Peecho launches the 'Print Button' – wants to be Facebook 'Like' for Cloud-printing

Peecho, the Cloud-printing startup based in Amsterdam, has launched a new service that it’s calling the ‘Print Button’.

The idea is that with just a few lines of code, any website or web app can embed Peecho’s Cloud-based printing service, making it easy to send and print content to the company’s network of professional printers. Best of all they can add a markup to the cost, turning that content into a revenue stream.

And in a clever bit of marketing, Peecho is pitching its ‘Print Button’ as a Facebook ‘Like’ for Cloud-printing. That’s a neat analogy, though for now it falls a little short.

That’s because currently the service only supports PDFs in its simplified form. A true Facebook ‘Like’ for printing would support any web-based content. It wouldn’t work very well if you could only ‘Like’ PDFs lying around the web, which is sort of the situation as Peecho’s Print Button stands today.

Support for other content-types is said to be forthcoming, however, and the company provides an API under its Printcloud offering so that third-parties can build deeper printing functionality into their apps.