Toshiba Develops Super-Thin, Super-Light 7-inch LCD Touchscreen

First Asahi Glass’ announcement from yesterday, now this: Toshiba Mobile unveiled a 7.0-inch LTPS TFT LCD panel with a capacitive multi-touch input function “integrated in the liquid crystal cell”. In other words, manufacturers won’t need to add a touch panel to the LCD, making the Toshiba device 57% thinner and 48% lighter than comparable screens of that size.

Toshiba Mobile says that as a side effect, the surface reflection ratio in their transmissive LCD with 1,024 ( x RGB) x 600 pixels is reduced by 10%. The company expects the new LCD to be used in vehicles (car navigation systems, for example) and in industrial applications.

Visitors of the SID 2011 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition that will take place next month in Los Angeles are the first to see the screen in action.