Kickstarter: TiGr Bike Lock Could Be Brilliant If It Works

Any cyclist in the city knows how essential a lock is for your bike, but they’re often bulky and heavy. This Kickstarter project aims to create a unique, lightweight lock that I would buy in a second.

The TiGr is a titanium “bow,” perhaps more easily understood as a long U shape, that’s flexible and open on one end. You put the bow through your front wheel, around your frame and whatever you’re locking it to (up to 5.5″ wide, they say), and then put both ends into a locking cylinder at the end, closing the loop and making your bike secure. Supposedly it’s quite resistant to cutting, as well — although those of you in New York might still want to stick with that Fahgettaboudit or a Hiplok until this thing gets reviewed.

The best part, in my opinion, is that the main part of the lock fits around the top tube and secures with velcro. I find the plastic lock mounts for U-locks chintzy and coiling one around the seat post is a pain. This one fits right around the tube and with luck won’t interfere with pedaling. You’ll have to carry the locking portion in your pocket or bag, though, so if you wipe out and lose it — tough. Though the same could be said for the key to any other lock.

Right now they’re at about $5600 of a $35k goal. Help make this thing a reality, because I want to buy one.

[via Bicycle Design and Gizmag]