Pixamid is what Color should be – agnostic about photo apps

When Color came out with its $41m play, a rather lesser known startup had planned to launch around the same time – as these things go. How often does that happen? Pretty darn often no doubt. But while Color got all the press – not least for its funding – the lesser known Pixamid has had to wait for its time in the sun. But while I have struggled – really I have – to get into Color, Pixamid has given me pretty much exactly what I wanted out of this kind of app [iTunes link] from the word go. Today at the (sixth annual) Next Web conference in Amsterdam, I met CEO and founder Bart Denny who demo’d the app to me.

Whereas Color locates you via GPS, Pixamid pulls its location data from Foursquare initially – other location services are planned. Once checked in you can see the photos either from just your friends there or everyone at the location, at that moment.

Pixamid thinks most people want more privacy on their photos, not less. So by default, Pixamid shares with only your friends at the same place as you – you can choose to share with everyone there too, via a simple switch.

Although Color might be cool in a world where everyone uses Color, in fact there is a world of people out there using Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic, you name it. So Pixamid wants to pull in your friends’ photos from any of these services, automatically.

Here’s an interview with founder Bart Denny: