Xoom For Sure Coming To Sprint, Possible As Soon As May 8th UPDATE: Officially Official

The Motorola Xoom isn’t exactly off to that hot of a start, but maybe Sprint can push a few more out the door. The wireless carrier just posted a fact sheet on its website touting the Xoom specs and features. Curiously said fact sheet is void of anything pertaining to Sprint. There’s no talk about WiMax, the launch date, or the price (assuming it’s going to be different than VZW’s) Sigh.

Spantechular.com found what they claim to be a Sprint advertisement flyer. It may or may not be officially from Sprint, but it does list the WiFi-only Xoom for $599 and launching on Sunday, May 8th. That happens to be the same day that as the PlayBook and Nexus S 4G’s launch. That could be a busy day as everyone rushes the store for the Xoom and PlayBook. Oh, yeah. Never mind.

Update: Sprint just confirmed the May 8th date and $599 price. It will be available in Sprint Stores, through the Sprint website and 1-800-Sprint1.