NOUS System Allows Disabled Users To Perform Simple Tasks… With Their Brains!

So this is what those zombies need our brains for: to turn on the lights! This prototype system allows the severely disabled to perform simple tasks like making a phone call and turn on the lights simply by thinking about commands. This is a proof of concept and uses the Emotiv EPOC headset to control a set of telekinetic applications that can perform various tasks.

Why is this better than, say, a suck-blow straw interface or an eye-tracking system? Well, for one it’s much cheaper than any of those well-established technologies and most of the processing is performed on the computer, thereby making the actual electronics a bit less complex.

There is a much longer and deeper interview over at Singularity Hub but this project seems to be progressing impressively and could soon give the severely disabled a second chance at controlling their physical environment.

Product Page via SingularityHub