T-Mobile 21Mbps HSPA+ Goes Live In Scranton, PA (And 2 Other Cities)

Poor, poor Michael Scott. Just days after he finally gathered up the gusto to leave Dunder-Mifflin, ol’ Scranton, PA is at long last getting support for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Sure, Holly is cute and all — but come on, it’s 21 megabit per second wireless data! Surely that’d have been enough to make him stay? Maybe? Hopefully? Dang it, Steve Carell, just come back.

Also getting support for the network (but not so easily squeezed into pop culture references): Wilkes Barre, PA, Ft. Meyers, FL, and Pueblo, CO. All in all, T-Mobile’s “4G-ish” network is now flowing in right around 170 regions.