Contest: Away Put Your Weapon, I Mean You To Win A Star Wars Prize

It is May 4th aka Force Day. On this day we must celebrate the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars. How better to do that than by picking one item from a huge list of Star Wars stuff and having it sent to your home. Your mission, then, is to choose one item and I will pick one winner at random and that winner will receive the item he or she chose. The result? He or she will, as Han Solo once said, “live long and prosper.”

How do you win? Go here. Pick one item. Mention it in a comment and add a little bit about why it is important to you. Be sure to include your email. I will pick one winner at random tomorrow at noon Eastern. Enter only once. Choose only one item. May the schwartz be with you.

Thanks to ThinkGeek for the post excellent prize.

UPDATE – Congrats to Mechwd for winning our contest.