The pHOLD Bike Mount: You Know, For Bikes

True story: last week I was riding my bike and I reached down to my pocket to grab my phone to check the map. I saw a car coming around the corner and slammed on the brakes. A second later I was up, over the handlebars, and my phone bore the brunt of my fall. Luckily I had it in a case but, aside from my pride, nothing was damaged.

That’s why I like this pHOLD thing. It’s basically an iPhone holder that attaches to your bike. I use RideTheCity in Brooklyn, for example, and this would be a godsend. I can’t rate its impact resistance, but having the iPhone close at hand on a ride would be helpful.
It was designed by a father and son team Joe and Stephen Manga and $30 donors will get a silver unit. The case will retail for $39 if and when it is funded and released.

The idea for the pHOLD was born on a bike ride during which I had to continuously stop, dismount and reach in the depths of my cargo pants for my iPhone whenever I got a call to or needed to look for directions. Then, my son and I started looking for bike-mounted phone holders and discovered several models, however, none of them seemed as simple and as elegant as we would have liked. So we rolled up our sleeves and set to design the pHOLD – “the iPhone 4 holder that folds to open” as Stephen exclaimed one night as we were sketching ideas.

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