Videos: Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears "Necomimi"

We covered brainwave-controlled wheelchairs from Japan before, so why not brainwave-controlled cat ears, dubbed Necomimi? The wearer concentrates or sees something interesting and the ears stand up. And when you relax, your decreasing brain activity makes the ears fall down. No, I am not making this up.

In the words of the maker of the ears, Tokyo-based neurowear:

We created new human’s organs that use brain wave sensor.

「necomimi」is the new communication tool
that augments human’s body and ability.

This cat’s ear shaped machine utilizes brain waves
and express your condition before you start talking.

Just watch the following promo video:

neurowear says their ears are just the first in an upcoming line of similar fashion items and gadgets.

This video shows regular people trying on the cat ears:

Via Japan Trends