US Cellular To Launch 4G LTE Network By The Holidays

Man, it’s been a good week for U.S. Cellular customers. First you guys go and nab the LG enV Pro (albeit renamed as the “LG Genesis”) out from under Verizon’s nose, and now it looks like you’re getting an LTE network to call your own. You’re getting it this year, even!

U.S. Cellular outlined their LTE plans earlier today, announcing that the first LTE regions should light up sometime around the holiday season. It’ll be in “select cities” at first (the ones named thus far are Milwaukee, Madison and Racine, Wis.; Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport, Iowa; Portland and Bangor, Maine; and Greenville, N.C.), and should cover around 25% of U.S. Cellular’s overall network by the end of the year.

Of course, in order to actually utilize that LTE network you’ll need an LTE-friendly device — of which, U.S. Cellular currently has none. Fortunately, they say they’ve got a “portfolio” of 4G devices (none of which they’ll name right now, of course) lined up for around the launch.