Ion's Go Pad, A Foldable Gamepad For Nintendo Emulation On The Go

One of my favorite things to do on long flights is play through old games on an emulator. Got five or six spare hours? You can beat Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and tackle a few dungeons in Chrono Trigger between naps and salisbury steaks. But the best gamepads (Xbox 360, Logitech) are often bulky. Here’s a foldable one for your consideration.

It’s not like it’s the only compact gamepad out there, but it is pretty compact, and the removable, telescoping USB cord is a good option. This thing actually got announced at CES, but it’s only just now shipping. At $20 it’s really not a bad deal as long as you don’t need an analog stick — handy for N64 stuff.

Order yours here, or wait for it to show up at Amazon or Best Buy.