As A Stable Build Appears And Avatars Align, A Full Chrome OS Launch Seems Imminent

We’re just a few hours away from the kick off of Google I/O — the search giant’s huge annual conference for all things Google. Well, most things. The social stuff isn’t being talked about. Google TV probably won’t be getting much love either. But everything else appears to be on the table. And naturally, that includes Chrome OS.

Chrome OS has always been an interesting project for Google. For one thing, it would seem to compete with Android, Google’s other operating system (from the looks of it both Android head Andy Rubin and Chrome head Sundar Pichai will play important roles at I/O). But the more pressing issue (at least for now) is that the project has been delayed a few times already — and we’re now a full six months past the initial targeted push to consumers. And while developers have gotten their hands on demo hardware and software, most people have still never seen Chrome OS.

Again, that should change very soon.