Foxconn Denies "Anti-Suicide" Contracts

A few months ago the Internet was aflame with suicides at Foxconn and then there were rumors that the massive manufacturing company was forcing its employees to sign “anti-suicide” pledges. Now, at least according to a Canadian news organization, Foxconn has confirmed that this is not true.

“Foxconn does not ask its employees to sign any such documents, any reports to the contrary are inaccurate,” said Ellin Choy, a Foxconn spokesperson.

Seventeen employees have killed themselves by jumping off of Foxconn buildings since 2010. In a factory of 400,000 in Shenzhen alone, however, that’s a fairly small percentage but not an unimportant one. However, as I wrote here, what in our current gadget culture is causing these suicides?

Foxconn claims to offer a living wage to its over a million workers and I tend to believe them. However, I do worry that the suicide issue will be eventually swept under the rug and ultimately ignored.