Google TV Finds New Friends And An Updated OS

Google’s mantra of launching products early and often didn’t exactly work with Google TV. It hit the ground with a gimped feature set and limited hardware options. The analogy of Android simply hasn’t held true as hardware makers and retail vendors alike simply haven’t picked up the devices. Today, at Google I/O, new hardware partners were announced as well as an updated OS. Google TV might finally be off the starting line.

Samsung and Vizio are joining Logitech and Sony as hardware venders of Google TV. This announcement isn’t much of surprise, really. The two were rumored to have Google TV product announcements set for CES 2011 back in January, but nothing ever came of it. In fact another rumor told a tale of Google themselves delaying the product announcements.

Google also announced that devs can start building apps for the platform using the normal Honeycomb SDK and that Google Market should hit the platform “soon.” Android 3.1 will hit Google TV this summer, but any changes were not announced.

Still, we’re left wondering about Google TV’s future. It clearly looks more bright now than even at its much-hyped launch, but can Market access and 3.1 save one of Google’s more novel products? We’ll talk more once they hit.