Microsoft Transforms A Random Person's Home Into A PC Store For Latest Video Ad Spot

Microsoft PC video adverts are back! Hurry for us!

What would you do if Microsoft “built” a PC Store in your house? What would MG do? Well, that’s the premise behind the latest round of Microsoft video spots as they attempt to show that Windows 7 has enough nifty features to upgrade from presumable XP or Vista while giving a little glimpse of a PC Store. This ad is aimed squarely at current PC users rather than fighting for crazed Mac zealots.

And why not? The Windows install base is massive and dwarfs OS X’s. It’s easier to sell to those that either are happy with Windows or aren’t aware of anything different. Still, as fun as these ads look to be, I’m not entirely sure they accomplish their intent. “There are new features. *building fancy story* Look, a touchscreen. Bye!” More are sure to come so maybe they’ll get to showing the new features eventually.