Huadian Promises iPad 2 Copycat Tablet Next Month

We’ve been pretty patient, waiting around for a manufacturer to step up to the challenge that the iPad 2 presents to all tablet makers, but it seems that the wait may be coming to a close with Huadian’s latest project: an iPad 2 clone.

Huadian claims that its iPad 2 look-alike will have the same 8.8mm thickness as Apple’s smash-hit slate, will feature a 9.7-inch capacitive screen. Huadian also promises that the slate will be constructed with alloy.

As for now, we haven’t actually gotten a peak of the front of the device, but from the looks of this tablet’s backside, we may have finally found a true iPad 2 imitation. Huadian was pretty sparing with specs, but the manufacturer did mention an AMLogic 800MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 8GB of internal Flash storage. The iPad 2 copy cat will also feature front and rear-facing cameras, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity, as any true iPad 2 imitation must.

If this tablet turns out to be as great as it sounds (which we should be able to determine in about a month, upon its release), then Huadian has certainly raised the bar for Chinese tablet manufacturers. Game on!
[via Giz-China]