Lenovo X1 Appears In All Its Swanky Glory On A Lenovo Notebook Comparison Chart

Let’s just say it: The Lenovo X1 is real, m’kay? It’s not even a leak anymore. A full-fledge stream of info has been pouring out of Lenovo about the upcoming notebook. Last week it was an X1 ad spot on the official Lenovo YouTube channel and now the notebook appeared — along with most of its stats — on a Lenovo notebook comparison screen. The damn thing is even listed on Amazon.

The only thing left at this point is for Lenovo to come out and say, “HEY GUYS! Heard about the X1? Yes? Hear about its IPS screen that’s covered with Gorilla Glass? Oh really? How about the standard USB 3.0 ports or optional fingerprint reader? You have? How about the US price and release date? No? GREAT!”