Apple Wants To Make SIM Cards Even Smaller Than MicroSIM

You know, I’m really no fan of the SIM card’s pint-sized baby brother, the microSIM. It’s not that I have a thing against small objects, mind you — those itty-bitty bottles of Cholula they sell at Cost Plus? I hoard those like diamonds. The microSIM just gives me trouble on a daily basis. I switch phones with some regularity, and the microSIM — or, more accurately, the fact that I almost always lose, damage, or forget my microSIM adapter — is the root of constant woe.

As such, today’s news isn’t exactly my favorite bit of the week: Apple wants to go and make the SIM card even smaller.

According to a comment from an Orange UK representative to Reuters, Apple submitted a proposal for a smaller SIM card to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute just last week. According to that same rep, Orange and a handful of other operators are fully behind the proposal.

As resentful as I may be about the idea of things gettin’ even smaller, this is good news for everyone in the end. Every millimeter of space that the SIM takes up is a millimeter that something else can’t — shrink that card, and phones get that much thinner.