Dell's 10-Inch Streak Pro Gets A Few Details

Hold onto your seats everybody. The Dell Streak’s big brother, the Streak Pro (it just doesn’t sound good, does it) has gotten a few extremely predictable specs. Are you ready to be underwhelmed?!

First we’ve got a 10-inch screen. Then, inside that screen, a million pixels. That works out to 1280×800, actually, which is pretty much standard. And then, under the hood, a supremely practical Tegra 2 T20 running at 1GHz, with a gig of RAM. Front and back cameras (5 and 2 megapixels) and up to 64 gigs of space round out the package.

Sound familiar? Yeah, pretty much the same specs as everything else out there. It’ll have Dell’s special Stage skin, and would likely ship with Android 3.1 (if it doesn’t, it’s sunk), but beyond that there isn’t much to say. These specs didn’t really even need to be said in the first place!