Sprint's Network Is Back On Track After Last Night's SMS, Voice Issues

Apparently, Sprint’s network was down for the count last night, as people from different regions of the country experienced difficulty sending MMS and SMS messages. Some even had trouble getting voice calls to go through. According to Sprint, the Washington, DC area also had a voice disruption last night, which was unrelated to the SMS issues.

No worries, though. Sprint has already resolved the matter in the wee hours of last night, so Sprint subscribers should have full service this morning. Here is Sprint’s response to Engadget:

“We did have some disruption to Sprint SMS traffic earlier tonight, but it wasn’t a complete disruption — we lost partial capacity for about an hour. Engineers immediately began rerouting traffic and after about an hour things went back to normal. 

There is no significant voice disruption anywhere in the U.S. except for a small part of our Sprint network in the Washington, DC area. That has since been resolved and had no relation to the SMS disruption.”

[via Engadget]