Virgin Mobile Revives $20 Broadband2Go Plan

Yeesh! It seems like Virgin Mobile changes up their Broadband2Go plans about as often as I change pants*.

First they launched a $40 Unlimited plan, and got rid of almost all of their lesser plans. Then they bailed on the $40 plan, and introduced a whacky 10-day-or-100 MB plan for $10 a pop. Then they introduced a new, unlimited-ish (speeds are throttled after 2.5 GB) plan for $50 a month.

The latest change, just coming in today: 20 bucks a month now gets you 500 MB. If that sounds like a deal to you, be sure to hop on it quick — for all we know, they’ll ditch this one in a month or two.

* Not really. Virgin Mobile has been changing their plans every few months. If I only changed my pants every few months, I’d have no friends. DISCLAIMER: I CHANGE MY PANTS MORE THAN ONCE EVERY FEW MONTHS I SWEAR WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING GUYS? GUYS?!