Concrete Canvas: The Pop-up Tent That Turns Into A Concrete Structure With Just Water

Concrete Canvas is just what it sounds like: canvas that’s, well, concrete. The material is essentially a water-activated concrete fabric that can be deployed for just about any task generally reserved for traditional concrete. Just add water, really. The novel part is that the company sells a self-contained pop-up tent that, with the help of a provided electric fan, deploys and becomes permanent relatively quick. All that’s need is to soak the tent and wait. It takes about 24 hours for the tent to harden, transforming into a permanent structure that can be sterilized and wired for electricity.

The BCC just posted a video interview with the founders who explain how the material came to be and the company’s plans, but if nothing else, click through just to see this stuff in action. I want one for my backyard shed. Put together a standard Home Depot barn is for jerks.