Hackathon Day Two: The Apps Are In! (TCTV)

In the early hours of Hackathon day two, bleary-eyed hax0rz roamed the conference hall, checking out each others’ apps. TCTV caught up with a few who were still standing — fortified by a New York bagel breakfast, the occasional cat nap, and caffeine — to see how they fared after twenty-four hours, heads down in the code and design.

Watch the video (above) to hear more from the tech talent behind the following fresh concepts:

Scandalous, a digital coupon database and mobile web app that could save bargain hunters a ton of time, and paper

Soundscape, an app that gives music fans a way to “like” or “dislike” a song where they hear it, and keep track of or find venues that play the stuff they love

Slide Sync, which helps groups view and interact with presentation materials at a conference, concert or meeting

And one un-named Facebook app that helps friends bring their gaming and social networking connections to life, face-to-face

…Or watch the live broadcast of all the Hackathon presentations, here.

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