As Production Ramps Up In June, The Asus Transformer Will Hit The Japanese Market

The Asus Transformer might be the queen of the Honeycomb hive — if Asus had made enough of them. As it sits right now the tablet is still on the hard-to-find list, but production is reportedly set to increase by June. That might not be a good thing for eager fans here in the states as Asus is set to unleash the hot tablet on the awaiting Japanese marketplace sometime next month as well.

Asus previously stated that the low manufacturing levels was a result of poor estimates. The company simply didn’t think the tablet would be this hot. This could be in part because, as Digitimes reports, the Transformer is marketed differently in the States. Asus priced it to move here.

The Transformer is $399 in the US or NT$11,500 compared to a price of NT$14,900 in Japan. That difference might keep the Japanese demand in check enough to make sure there are enough tablets to go around, though. That’s what everyone wants, anyway. Honeycomb tablets for all!