Asus Takes To Facebook To Tease Its Next….Tablet Or Phone

It’s a trap! A PR trap. I’ll bite. Asus just posted a teaser images on its official Facebook page of some unknown device. The trick here is that while it’s clearly a slate device, the company is purposely not saying if it’s a phone or tablet. In fact that’s seemingly the point of the Facebook page in that it asks that exact question. “Break The Rules: Pad Or Phone?

Asus has always made products that fell squarely in the good enough bucket. That’s still the case although as with any massive CE company, Asus has the resources and personally to make beautiful products when the marketing flacks win over the bean counters. Dell’s Ademo XPS notebook was a great show of force for them. Asus needs a truly sexy tablet, not a phone, but rather a beautiful tablet that shows the world Asus can make a true iPad competitor hence the prominent AsusDESIGN branding.

It seems Asus’ will slowly roll out teaser images on its Facebook page until it’s official unveiling at Computex TAIPEI 2011 next month. The embedded images here came from TechInStyle which scale makes me put my money on that this product is a tablet of some sort. No one cares about phones anymore.