LG Quietly Makes The Genesis Official (Or: The Handset Formerly Known As enV Pro Officially Returns)

Boom! After rumor broke that Verizon’s then-upcoming Android-powered clamshell, the LG enV Pro, had gotten the ol’ pre-launch cancel treatment, LG gave back nothin’ but radio silence. After months of nothing (we’d honestly figured it was gone for good), the handset rised from the ashes and found its way to the rumormill — but not for Verizon as the enV Pro, but as the LG Genesis for US Cellular.

Sure enough, the LG Genesis has just made its official — albeit quiet — debut. Sans fanfare or even any press release that we can find, the Genesis’ product page is now up for your perusal on LG’s own site, photos and all. Sadly, there’s no pricing or launch date details to be had — but on the upside, it confirms a number of the specs we’d heard before (Android 2.2, the WiFi Hotspot functionality, the clamshell form factor, etc.)

[Via AndroidCentral]