Evernote Releases Chrome Extension

Evernote, once described to me as “my remote brain”, is releasing a new Google Chrome extension today to make clipping and saving webpages easier than ever. It’s optimized to grab the body of any blog post on any site. It automatically recognizes the structure of any post, and “captures it beautifully without any need for the user to select anything” and it works as advertised.

The Evernote extension works in Chromium as well as Chrome, for those that prefer their browsers open source.

I’ve been playing with GimmeBar recently, too, which does pretty much the same thing as the Evernote extension. GimmeBar uses a bookmarklet, rather than an extension, so should be browser neutral. GimmerBar doesn’t have the smarts to intelligently determine the relevant portion of any particular page, though, so you’d need to highlight it manually. Manually! As if!

I kid. GimmeBar is cool, and you should sign up. And you should install the Evernote Chrome extension. And don’t forget to floss.