Help Save Aunt Beru And Uncle Owen's Homestead And Get A Nice Watch

Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! Uncle Owen! The Lars Homestead is the actual building used during the filming of Star Wars and it still exists – in a considerably diminished state – in Tunisia. The igloo house is now falling apart but a group of dedicated film buffs – and one watchmaker – want to return the home to its original, super sci-fi state.

You can donate to the Save Lars fund or take part this Kickstarter project that includes a unique watch with a face containing sand from the actual homestead. If you pledge $77 or more you get a real, quartz wristwatch with a small, clever container that holds sand and dirt from the location and keeps, presumably excellent Tatooine time. For $103 or more you get a Premium edition of the watch including an engraved back and handsome aurebesh numerals.

You can also grab t-shirts and other Lars collateral from the Kickstarter page and you can help save a landmark in sci-fi history.

Project Page