Panasonic Rolls Out 3 New "Xacti" Camcorders

They have dropped the Xacti brand name, but the three new camcorders Panasonic (which bought Xacti maker Sanyo in 2009) announced [JP] today are essentially Xactis. All models feature full HD resolution and will be released in Japan on June 25.

The HX-WA10 (pictured above) is the only model that’s waterproof (up to 3 meters). It comes with a 16MP sensor, a stereo mic, mini HDMI/USB/SDXC interfaces, essentially no internal memory (80MB), and a 2.6-inch LCD (price: $550).

The HX-DC15 (pictured above) is basically the same camera as the HX-WA10, except that it’s not waterproof, comes with a 3-inch LCD and 16GB of internal memory. At 162g, it’s also 70g lighter (price: $610).

Panasonic is positioning the HX-DC1 (shown above) as an entry-level model. The camcorder features a 14MP sensor, no (80MB) memory, mini HDMI/USB/SDXC interfaces, a stereo mic, and a 3-inch LCD (price: $425).