Huddle introduces 'Adoption Guarantee'; heads to Silicon Roundabout

There’s an argument that says that more enterprises would adopt cloud-based alternatives to legacy desktop software if it wasn’t for those pesky users. That’s presuming that you can get buy in from the IT department first.

But presuming that is the case, Huddle has an interesting offer: the company is introducing the ‘Huddle Adoption Guarantee’ for its cloud-based collaboration platform in which enterprises adopting the service who don’t see 100% user adoption across the organisation can expect to get their money back, with a few caveats, of course. The idea, says Huddle, is to enable IT buyers to “make the leap to cloud computing without the investment risk or concerns about low user adoption.”

On the surface at least, it’s a bold offer and likely coded talk for saying we’ll give you more help in weaning users off of Microsoft SharePoint, the company’s closest legacy competitor.

In other news, Huddle, which celebrates its fourth birthday this week, is moving to a new European headquarters in London in the area known as Silicon Roundabout. In fact, they’ll be taking over’s old offices. This tallies with the company’s expected 30 per cent increase in staff this year, while the larger European office will accommodate Huddle’s growing sales, customer engagement and development teams.

The company is also said to be growing its U.S. sales team by 40 per cent. This follows the relocation of Andy McLoughlin, EVP Strategy, to San Francisco last year.

Additionally, Huddle says that 44% of its customers are based in EMEA, including Belgian FPS Social Security and NPO Netherlands. As a result, the company is expanding its sales team to target the private and public sector in the DACH region, Benelux, France, Italy and Spain.