Roku Taps YuMe To Power Video Advertising For Streaming Players

Streaming video player developer Roku has partnered with video advertising company YuMe to allow content owners to provide video advertising for media. DreamTV and Blastro Networks are among the first Roku content providers to start using YuMe’s video advertising platform.

Roku has sold more than 1 million of its streaming entertainment devices for the TV. The company, who has not offered video advertising to publishers until now, will be integrating YuMe’s ACE technology platform, which serves more than 1 billion ad impressions per month.

As we’ve written in the past, YuMe’s technology places video ads dynamically on videos on a number of publishers across a variety of platform. And the company also offers developers monetization technologies for video publishers that allows them to build apps to support mobile video ads; which is how the company is helping Roku publishers.

YuMe’s technology will help video distributors deliver advertising to targeted audiences in the most relevant context on multiple screens— computers and connected TVs as well as Apple iOS, RIM, Symbian and Android operating systems.