Maps+ App Is Maps Plus Lots Of Other Stuff

At TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last week, Google’s location boss Marissa Mayer pointed out that Google Maps for mobile traffic will surpass that of its desktop counterpart by June. Our dependence on mobile technology for where we are and where we’re going seems to be growing by the minute, so its not too surprising to see a number of enhanced Map apps hit various app stores. One in particular, Maps+, caught our eye. And Maps+ is exactly what its name describes: Google Maps… plus a lot of other cool features.

A three-finger swipe up and down will bring up the different map types, and a tap on your current location will offer up extra information about your location fix, including coordinates, horizontal accuracy, altitude, and vertical accuracy. When a route is requested, Maps+ offers all the different possible routes to take, with options for driving, walking, or cycling. And just like the default Maps app, Maps+ offers track recording.

Another fun feature is the ability to add bookmarks to locations with label customization (unfortunately only three labels at a time), which can then be exported to GPX with mail or iTunes, or imported using Safari, Mail, or any other app that supports quick look. Maps+ also taps the power of one of our favorite social networks, Twitter, to show you where friends are tweeting from, which is my second favorite feature besides location alarms. Location alarms give you the option to be notified when entering or exiting the area of a certain bookmarked location.

The app interface is clean and easy to use, and offers the option to add any of your frequently used buttons straight to the map itself. Unfortunately, certain features are limited: one route bookmark, three pin bookmarks, two route transit points, one track bookmark, 2km of track recording, and one alarm bookmark. Twitter log-in and GPX import capabilities are also disabled upon the initial installation, but that can all be remedied with a simple in-app purchase to the tune of $2.99.

If you’re a hardcore Maps user like myself, Maps+ is definitely worth a try. The IZE app is available today in the Apple App Store for free for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.