Acer Plans Early Lead In Ultrabook Race, Aims For Q4 Launch

When the iPad first launched last year, the word “tablet” became mainstream, and just about every electronics manufacturer out there has thrown out its version of a slate, one of the most quickly-adopted forms of technology to date. After Intel’s recent announcement of a new thinner, lighter type of notebook, called the ultrabook, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a similar reaction out of manufacturers. Acer, in particular, has already made a commitment to the ultrabook market, according to a statement made by its president Wednesday.

Acer has been working hard, as of late, to come up with a strategy to abate the threat of tablet PCs to its core notebook business. Its forthcoming ultrabook is slated to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Freshly appointed president Jim Wong has realigned the company to push into the mobile sector going forward, and said on Wednesday that Acer hopes to see 15 percent of its revenue come from touch products (tablets and smartphones) by 2013, and a third of its revenue by 2015.

Acer has long been a powerhouse in the PC business, particularly excelling in the budget-friendly notebook sector. However, the overwhelming success of tablets has been a struggle for the PC maker. “The ultrabook can help to revive the notebook market,” said Wong.

[via Reuters]