Bond Mixology for iOS Helps You Booze Like Bond

Uh oh. It’s your turn to host your crew’s weekly Movie Night, and you’ve gotta come up with a theme. The Austin Powers guy made bangers and mash and forced everyone to speak in a British accent. Harry Potter girl pulled out all the stops with a wand-making craft hour and lightning-shaped temporary tattoos. How ever will you top that?!

Don’t worry, you’ve got a trick up your sleeve: You’ve got James Bond. And Booze.

Bond Mixology for iOS is to alcohol in Bond flicks as Mr. Skin is to nudie scenes in every movie ever.

From Dr. No to Quantum of Solace, Bond Mixology provides a minute-by-minute breakdown of all of the on-screen libations, recipes and all, so you and your friends can drink as Bond does. Take Casino Royale, for example: at 0:32, Bond downs a rum and coke. At 0:37, it’s champagne. 0:58? Bourbon. 0:59? Red wine. (At 1:15 there was a scene where Q was flown in to treat Bond for alcohol poisoning, but they cut it out and replaced it with 2 more minutes of Daniel Craig smirking, playing poker, and crashing cars, or whatever the hell Casino Royale was about.)

Actually, in hindsight, it’s probably a terrible idea to try and drink everything that Bond drinks on screen. Maybe you should just have a Lord of the Rings marathon and make everyone glue fur to their feet, instead. For 2 bucks, though, Bond Mixology [iTunes Link] is a fun and clever lil’ app to have around in your spy armory.

[via Daring Fireball]