All's Well That Ends Well: Kid Whose Code Was Stolen By Ad Firm Releases iPhone App

Remember the kid who wrote a little asteroids game that lets you blow up things in your browser? And then remember how BBDO in Denmark stole the code and made an M&Ms game? Well, it looks like open source is alive and well because Erick, the creator, is selling his cute little game for 99 cents (it basically lets you blow up web pages on the iPhone).

Best of all, BBDO, the advertising agency, flew him out to Denmark to meet the team and some of the programmers and learn how the sausage is made. Good for him and them.

While I’m all for open sourcing software, a company like BBDO repurposing a cool app to sell M&Ms goes a little above and beyond “free as in freedom.” I’m glad they made this right.