Gemelos 3D Base: Full HD 3D Camera System Used For Surgery Training (Video)

Training surgeons in hospitals is difficult and expensive, but what if you could use some 3D tech in order to simulate treating patients in a realistic way? That’s what Japan-based Totsu Sangyo thought when it used their Gemelos 3D Base [JP], a 3D camera that captures pictures in full HD resolution, during a surgery at the University of Tsukuba.

Gemelos 3D Base was initially designed for filming sports events and other things, but Totsu Sangyo says because their system is so compact, they are now starting to pitch it to hospitals that want to train doctors. The company says another big selling point is that the 1/3 CMOS camera captures images at 20ns or less, which is important when it comes to filming fast-moving objects.

This video (shot by Diginfonews in Tokyo) provides more insight: