Why Not Print Your Own Keys?

3D printers can make pretty much anything but they seem to be tasked with making just novelty items. That’s what the creator of this project thought as well and so set out to replicate keys using his RepRap 3D printer. Spoiler: He did it.

The story goes that he ordered a few used lock sets from ebay and then manually measured the keys using a ruler and caliper. From there he he created an OpenSCAD model that allows for the printing by imputing the code for Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 keys. Other keys can be made by manually entering in the schematics. The printed keys are even reportedly strong enough for most locks, too, although they should probably be used more as an emergency key. But let’s not take away from the fact that 3D printers are finally useful! Huzzah! [eclecti.cc via hack.a.day via technabob]