Adobe CEO: Android Will Beat iOS On Tablets

Adobe’s big man upstairs Shantanu Narayen is betting on Google’s Honeycomb platform rather than Apple’s iOS in the current battle for tablet OS supremacy. Can anyone guess why? If you said “Flash support,” you’re right on the money. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has long been against the use of Flash on iDevices, openly calling the software insecure and crash-inducing. While that could certainly be Jobs’ genuine opinion, Narayen believes that the issue actually has much more to do with the companies’ differing business strategies.

“It’s a business model issue,” Narayen said. “It’s all about control of the applications that you can run on that platform that bring that platform to life.” The Adobe boss also tried to squashed the myth that there is no such thing as Flash on iDevices. “What Apple doesn’t allow us to do is to build Flash content within the browser,” Narayen added. “If you can build the application using our tools and compile it down to the iDevice platform, that works.”

[via Pocket-Lint]