Girls Just Wanna Have A Pink Nokia N8 Running Symbian

Looking for a bra made out of genuine, 100 percent smartphone that shoots laser beams from your chest? Or perhaps, you’ve been waiting for that multipurpose phone that moonlights as a back-lit performance stage? Unless you’re a skeezy GaGa-style Barbie, the pink Nokia N8 won’t include those cool features. Sorry.

But all jokes aside, this female-targeted Nokia ad is encroaching on scary turf. As a woman, having a bunch of Barbies prance around with pink N8s singing about freedom doesn’t really inspire me to jump up and buy the product. If anything, I feel dumber for having watched it, albeit slightly amused, in a guilty kind of way. Plus, Nokia is already struggling as it is, posting the company’s lowest share prices in 13 years. To be honest, this ad reads more like a suicide note than a declaration of pink-flavored freedom.

[via Gizmodo]