RIM Launches One-Click-To-Join Mobile Conferencing App

The majority of BlackBerry owners out there tend to fall on the enterprise side of things, so it only makes sense that RIM would build an app that caters to its suit-wearing, email-checking, conference-calling customer base. The app is called BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, and it basically streamlines the entire tedious process of dialing in, giving an ID code, etc. North American BlackBerry owners will now be able to skip over annoying conferencing details by simply pressing a “Join Now” button to enter the conversation from their smartphone.

The app gives users the ability to schedule conference calls in the smartphone’s calendar in just two clicks. RIM’s BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app also automatically chooses the most optimal number to use if multiple dial-in numbers are offered to call participants in different regions. In other words, the app will choose a local number over a toll-free number when the user is in a local calling area, and a toll-free number over a long-distance number if the dial-in number would otherwise incur long-distance charges.

The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app is available now to North American BlackBerry owners for free in the BlackBerry App World.