ComScore: Android Keeps Growing, Apple iOS Slides By RIM's BlackBerry OS

Recent figures from ComScore pretty much reflect what we already know: Google’s Android OS continues to grow, while RIM’s BlackBerry platform has fallen behind Apple’s iOS to the number three spot. Based on just how many Android handsets are currently in the market, it’s no surprise that Android takes the cake for this quarter.

From January 31 to the end of April, the U.S. smartphone market grew a whopping 13 percent, with Google controlling the majority 36.4 percent, up 5 percent from last quarter. With RIM falling by nearly 5 percent this quarter to a 25.7 percent market share, Apple snuck in to take the second place spot. Meanwhile, HP’s webOS, Microsoft’s WP7, and Nokia’s Symbian are way behind. At 6.7 percent market share, Windows Mobile lost some turf this quarter, down 1.3 percent from last quarter. HP’s webOS holds just 2.6 percent of the market, and Symbian didn’t even make ComScore’s top five platforms.

As far as manufacturer’s are concerned, Samsung still takes the top spot with a 24.5 percent market share, despite a tiny loss this quarter of 0.4 percent. LG and Motorola keep their second and third place ranks, respectively, while Apple managed to slip by RIM on the hardware side of things, as well, to take the fourth place spot.

[via ComScore]