Razer's Old Republic Mouse, Headset, And Keyboard Are Sithy (With Hands-On)

The Old Republic is, potentially, every Star Wars-loving gamer’s dream. Own your own ship, travel the galaxy, pick a side in an epic conflict… if they pull it off. Razer’s taking the chance they won’t, though, and have put out a few peripherals customized for the Old Republic experience.

First you’ve got the keyboard, which has a built-in touchscreen with 10 LCD buttons over it – they can be mapped or macro’d however you want and the graphics for each button will change depending on how you assign them. Will this be useful for other games? Only if they work with Razer. It does look pretty sweet, though.

Next, the mouse, which is a Jedi-themed mutation of their Naga MMO mouse. 12 buttons on the side for your macro pleasure.

And then there’s the headset, looking to me like a rebuilt Carcharias or Piranha. It’s got a nice big hexagon for a shape, so everyone will know you love shapes like that.

All three come with alternative decorative plates, so you can be Sith or Jedi. In this world, though, there are also two factions: people who know the symbols for Sith and Jedi, and people who don’t. It’s a war.

More info is being slowly trickled out over at Razer. OR watch our hands-on video here!