Dell Confirms Streak 10 Pro To Launch In China First

If the Dell Streak 7 didn’t quite provide enough real estate, I have good news: Dell has a larger tablet model in the works that should bring all the awesomeness of the Streak 7 to a bigger screen. Dell today confirmed the that Dell Streak 10 Pro is on its way, and also confirmed the existence of another mysterious Windows 7 tablet headed for the enterprise later this year. There’s also some bad news: the 10-inch Honeycomb tablet will launch in China before we see it on U.S. shelves.

This move by Dell has to do with the company’s increased presence in developing countries, as opposed to more mature markets. Plus, if Dell ships to developing markets first, it can get away with not including the entire Google experience (Google apps, Android Market, etc.) because it’s not as big of a deal i those countries. That means Dell can customize software and hardware on the tablet to its heart’s content.

[via UberGizmo]