Free Wi-Fi Coming To New York Parks

Are you, like me, headed out this weekend to the park in your handsomest raincoat/shoes/socks ensemble? Or maybe you’re looking for the invisible sheep that live in Astoria park’s many verdant trees? Or maybe you want to chase squirrels away from your pot o’ gold in Brooklyn? Well now you don’t have to worry about screaming wildly into space to get Internet connectivity because AT&T is giving it to you for free.

The hotspots, labelled “attwifi,” will appear in Battery Park, Joyce Kilmer Park, and Thomas Jefferson park right now. Then AT&T will launch in other locations including good old Central, Astoria, the High Line, and Fort Greene. You can look for coverage maps here but your best bet is just to hit your park and check it out.

Sadly, all of this park wi-fi won’t drown out the endless caterwauls of the damned that howl from the Reservoir as I pound along the jogging path wearing a mumu, viking helmet, and Crocs. I will be able to get my email sent straight to my fillings, though.

via Electronista pic via BrookylnPaper.